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Materiali e Tradizioni a Villa Vettica

La costruzione della Villa Vettica è in corso e il team di NOS sta prestando particolare attenzione alla selezione dei materiali. Il concept era di evidenziare dei materiali locali per riportare la villa al suo antico splendore, in linea con le sue radici settecentesche. continua a leggere

ITAD Made in Italy Design & Italian Design Culture Seminar

Here we go again with Made in Italy Design Professional Seminar Day especially presented for DONGPENG Company (Foshan – CN)
Directed by Professor Loredana Di Lucchio & co-ordinated by Designer Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli
Venue: Department of Product Design of University Sapienza organised by ITAD & Asiapromotion.

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Open House Rome 2018 Recap

This year, Open House Rome was held on May 12-13 and NOS Design took part for third consecutive year with our studio located on the Fleming hilltop and our ongoing project ’Penthouse Fleming’, which is in the same building. Open House Rome is an association that celebrates the architecture and design of Rome, and this year’s edition showcased 150 sites in seven main areas of the city. continua a leggere

ITAD “Aalto Pro” professional trip ends up highly successful

ITAD Association in collaboration with well-established professors, award-winning firms and world recognized Italian architecture and engineering companies organized an urban planning symposium in Rome for professionals from Aalto Pro University, Helsinki. The event took place on the 23rd and 24th of April 2018 and it was led by the Director of NOS Design and ITAD AssociationArchitect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli. continua a leggere

NOS Design Restores Life to 18th Century Palace

This winter, we have begun the construction of a new boutique hotel, the Villa Vettica. Clinging to the cliff face of one of Italy’s most stunning destinations, the Amalfi Coast, the hotel boasts spectacular views of the coastlines’ mysterious cliffs, grottos, and bays. continua a leggere

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