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Open House Rome 2018 Recap

This year, Open House Rome was held on May 12-13 and NOS Design took part for third consecutive year with our studio located on the Fleming hilltop and our ongoing project ’Penthouse Fleming’, which is in the same building. Open House Rome is an association that celebrates the architecture and design of Rome, and this year’s edition showcased 150 sites in seven main areas of the city. read more

Open House Rome 2018

NOS Design is proud to announce its third consecutive invitation to participate in the annual Open House Rome on May 12-13. read more

Next Step in Construction of Fleming Hilltop Rooftop

This week, the construction of the extensions on both terraces of the Fleming hilltop penthouse apartment in Rome have begun under the direct supervision of architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli. The construction team worked diligently all day to lift the steel beams and glazed windows, which will eventually make up the superstructure of the greenhouse, over five floors. read more

NOS Design Eagerly Awaits Results of Design Competition

The Comune di Ozzano dell’Emilia announced a design competition and NOS Design is eager to announce our submission! Ozza Dell’Emilia, a small town located between Bologna and Imola, is looking to reconstruct a secondary school located in the heart of town and called upon architects all over to submit their designs. read more

NOS Design Restores Life to 18th Century Palace

This winter, we have begun the construction of a new boutique hotel, the Villa Vettica. Clinging to the cliff face of one of Italy’s most stunning destinations, the Amalfi Coast, the hotel boasts spectacular views of the coastlines’ mysterious cliffs, grottos, and bays. read more

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