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| Architecture + Interior Design Studio | Concept Design | Feasibility Studies + Sitework Supervision


NOS Design is an Architecture and Interior Design Studio with a dual focus on modern innovation and the recovery and enhancement of existing buildings of historical and architectural value. Founded in 2012 by Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli, it is based in the Eternal City of Rome and operates with an international clientele.

We are a team of highly skilled professionals working both in Italy and abroad, networking and collaborating with international partners in London, Rome, and Shanghai, and elsewhere. Our wide expertise and creative ability in Technical Engineering, Urban and Architectural Design, Technical Coordination, Work Direction, Sustainability, and Interior Design is further strengthened by our international experience. The practice has produced many diverse projects, including offices, schools, commercial, residential, and tourist complexes. We cater to a range of clients, from private customers to international companies.

Professional activities are centered on architectural design aspects, both from a functional and technical point of view, as well as on the planning, evaluation, and verification of regulatory feasibility, both procedural and technical, of existing land-use and property development interventions. We also provide technical-design consulting services to national and foreign professional entities. Throughout all parts of the design process, we collaborate with our clients, interacting with their suggestions and the site’s features.


    Architect and Interior Designer, Founder of NOS Design and Italian Architecture and Design Association (ITAD)

    In 2007, she obtained a Degree in Furniture and Interior Architecture with the honor of 110/110 “cum laude”. During her university studies she received, among other honors, the “Bronze Medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects – Best Architecture Student in the United Kingdom” in 2008. In 2010 Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at the Architectural Association – School of Architecture in London with highest honors. She defended a design thesis titled “Embassy of Third Nature: Sustainable and Climate Architecture” and won the award titled “Best Supported AA + Foster Project Award”, selected by the international architecture studio Foster + Partners. She completed her academic training in 2013 by obtaining the diploma of “Royal Institute of British Architects Part 3” at the University of Westminster in London. Later she also participated in various study programs and training courses abroad, including the Master of Architectural Management, organized at the Instituto de Impresa Business School in Madrid.

    After earning her certification as Architect in 2012, she began work in London and Rome in collaboration with major studios specializing in design and management of office buildings for office use, residential, and commercial in China, Singapore, Morocco, Nigeria, UK and Italy.

    In 2012 she founded NOS Design, of which she is currently main partner. From the very outset, in the pursuit of her professional activity, Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli has been involved in Architectural Design and Management at national and international level. During her years in Rome, she has developed a productive relationship with the Superintendent and the Municipal Offices and has achieved special authorization for measures such as extensions of buildings in restricted areas of the city.

    NOS Design projects have received several national and international awards and prizes. For example, they were mentioned in 2015 in the magazine AR – Architetti Roma n. 113 and on Projects – Review of Italian Architecture n. 10. In 2014, the studio received honorary mention in Shanghai’s “3rd Tongji Hub Youth Talent Designer Exhibition” and was a finalist in the competition “27/37 International Exhibition of Young Architects of the Order of Architects P.P.C. Of Rome” where the projects were exhibited at the Shanghai Expo 2010 Pavilion.

    Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli is also accredited at the Royal Institute of British Architects in the UK and a member of the Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs Consultation in Rome. She is part of the IE Business School Alumni Network and the Architectural Association Alumni.

    In 2015, she became the Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Rome, chosen to direct the international relations of the profession and to be curator of exhibitions in various foreign countries, particularly China and Qatar.

    She holds the position of Adjunct Professor for the Master of Interior Design program in the Architectural Management course at the Guglielmo Marconi University of Rome as well as of Scientific Director of the “Archi Management: The Architect Entrepreneur” course at the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Rome.

    She is an active member in the academic field: in 2012 she founded the association “ITAD – Italy Top Architecture Drawing Study Tours”, which aims to train international architecture students by organizing short architectural and urban design courses and architectural modeling in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Rome, the Province, and the Shanghai Design Center.

    Her mother tongue is Italian and she is fluent in English, French and Spanish.


    Architect and Interior Designer of NOS Design.

    Simona La Cognata graduated from the Università La Sapienza, Rome, in 2008 with a degree in Architecture and Interior Design. Her selection for the honorary participation with two architectural practices – The Ok Design Group and the studio SNA Susanna Nobili Architettura – allowed her to collaborate with l’Ordine degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti e Conservatori, Rome; from where she later qualified as a professional Architect. That same year, with The Ok Design Group, she participated as group leader of the Padiglione Italiano all’Esposizione Internazionale di Shanghai competition. Subsequently, in 2011 she began tutoring architecture students in collaboration with Professor Pier Paolo Balbo, Ordinario di Paesaggio in the same university. In 2014 she began working at Nos Design and is currently producing magnificent work there.


    Architect Engineer of NOS Design, Academic Advisor of ITAD – Italian Architecture and Design Association.

    Architect Engineer at NOS Design, Phd candidate at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Rome “La Sapienza” (2013), with an MA from Architectural Association, School of Architecture, London, UK (2008). She is exploring the impact of ICT in space, and is interested in Big Data, Intelligence, Social Networking, Internet of Things. She researches smart cities case studies and projects in order to discover how people interact, what kind of behaviors they acquire with the use of new technologies and how space changes in this metropolitan way of living.

    Her professional experience includes both tutoring at diverse institutions such as ITAD – Italy Top Architecture Design Program – but also construction of projects in Italy, Greece and overseas. She has eight years practise of designing residential,mixed-use developments, retail and industrial buildings with a background in Architecture, Planning, Engineering, and Construction site supervisor.


    Architect and Admin of NOS Design.

    Elena Lupi graduated in Architecture in 2014 with honors from the University La Sapienza in Rome, with a thesis in Urban Renewal and Social Housing Design for the District Bufalotta in Rome. Her education includes studies in Landscape Architecture, in particular in the context of contemporary Urban Parks Design as Northern Europe and America ones.

    The collaboration with NOS Design, from about a year, has led to a fruitful experience in the supervision of construction sites, in the preparation of building practices, together with the architectural design experience that characterizes the study of Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli.


    Architect and Web Designer of NOS Design.

    Architect, graphic designer and web designer, Francesco graduated from the Università La Sapienza, Rome, with a First Degree in Interior Design and later completed an MA in Architecture at the same university. During his studies, he cultivated his increasing passion for graphics and web design creating websites for both public institutions and private clients.



    Civil engineer and technical director of the renowned Muzi & Associati studio, founded in 1992, Gaetano Gargiulo was first internationally recognized when awarded first prize in the design competition for Italy’s largest National Airport –Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, Fiumicino. In 1992, Gargiulo also founded S.I.C.E. Ing. Gargiulo, a society of engineers that are experts in the field of technical and economic consulting regarding furnishing investment projects, the assessment of bank productiveness (MPS e ICCREA), and the management of engineering projects. The expertise of his agency also extends to the testing of infrastructure for one of the largest Italian telephone companies (Telecom Italia SpA); private and industrial construction; the installment of solar panels, which are increasingly vital in today’s society to ensure environmentally friendly projects, and finally the installment of wind turbines.

    Since 2012, Gaetano Gargiulo played an active role in collaborating with NOS Design for the structural and technical aspects of construction, broadening its cliental due to his added expertise in interior design for executive offices.


    Director of Z14 srl, Former President of the Chamber of Architects of Rome (OAR), Italy.

    Z14 srl is the partner office of NOS Design regarding large scale architecture and urban planning projects. The work of Z14 srl involves different disciplines through the elaboration of projects ranging from big to small architectural scale. Alessandro has been the treasurer of the Chamber of Architects of Rome (OAR) and is currently the vice-president. He is currently fulfilling the role of Commissioner for the Committee of Construction and Urban Quality (Co.Qu.E.) of Roma Capitale and member of the Commission for the revision of technical standards for the General Development Plan and for the digitized buildings procedure.


    Graduating with a degree that qualifies him as a quantity surveyor in 1998, Spisani has worked beside the civil engineer Gaetano Gargiulo for over ten years as his, technical quantity surveyor as well as both internal and external consultant. His specialty is software graphic design thus he is responsible for the site management and the preparation of documents necessary for the Public Administration.

    Furthermore, he contributes to the design and supervision of projects as well as being responsible for the testing of infrastructure for one of the largest Italian telephone companies (Telecom Italia SpA). His extensive experience is essential both for NOS Design studio and companies involved in the project supervision.


    With over 15 years of experience in real estate, Galione has specialized in holiday and long-term rentals in Italy. With a portfolio composed of over 500 properties throughout Italy, she has enough experience that whatever taste a client desires she knows the perfect solution. Her double-digit years of experience have allowed her to gain a vast amount of experience with foreigners moving to Rome, which has ensured her name to be advertised throughout Europe through word of mouth. As well as real estate, however, she takes it upon herself to guarantee a pleasant and rapid transition through giving clients further attention in other sectors. These sectors include both the purchasing and leasing of residential and commercial properties; generating lists and presentations of properties that are compatible with buyers’ needs and financial resources; and negotiating contracts on behalf of clients.


    Since he was an infant, Mercogliano’s passion has been photography. Having experimented with a vast number of photographic styles, it is no surprise that Paolo has become an expert in interior photography. In fact, his work has been published in various magazines such as AD, Abitare, Casa Mia Décor, Villa & Country, Fotografare e fotografia Almanacco. Being a highly respected NOS Design collaborator, he is responsible for every aspect that encompasses transforming a three-dimensional area into a two-dimensional image; as well as all multimedia services that NOS Design provide: photographs of, interiors, architecture and workshops.


    Catalani is an internationally renowned artist who spent his childhood immersed in books, pastels and watercolors that occupied his mother’s stationary shop. In 1988 he graduated from University and the following year he applied to be part of the Architetti di Roma association. In his dissertation he began experimenting with different types of media, combining acrylic and oil paints with architectural models in both an abstract yet structurally creative manner. Today Catalani is internationally appreciated, exhibiting his work in galleries and museums across the globe.

    Within NOS Design this inspirational artist is both responsible for the artistic presentation of the architectural projects that are erected, and a professor at the Workshop ITAD Rome – Shanghai since 2014.



    Doctor Degree in Department of Landscape Studies in 2006 and Department of Urban Planning Studies Master Degree in 2009.

    Between the various professional assignments: commissioned by Tongji University science and Technology Park to complete the “Flexible Design Feasibility Report” , operating Flexible Design Museum in 2009 ; in 2011 the completion of the Shanghai Municipal Science and technology development fund of soft science research projects” Shanghai TJ HUB Modern design industry public service platform research report”; since May 2011, YBC tutorial (project review stage); in 2012-2013 To undertake Yangpu National Innovative pilot city of special fund “project of Shanghai public service platform design”; in 2012 June to participate in editing Shanghai city “design map”; 2008.6.- 2008.10, Domestic and foreign center city compared with Shanghai planning development index (CPCDI) Study; 2007.10 – 2007.11. Design of South Station Square in Luoyang City; 2006.6 – 2008.9  Participation in Hongkou Ecological Corridor Strategy Research and Sculpture planning in Putuo District and many other item; 2006.11.- 2007.1 The collection of best practice area project in Expo 2010 Shanghai city; 2005. 9  To participate in “China Sustainable Development Research of 2005 academic annual meeting”.


    Charbel Khouri attended the reputable Lebanese American University where he received a Bs. in Interior Design and went for an extra one year to attain another BA. in Interior Architecture.

    He later moved to Italy to continue his studies where he attained a Master of Architecture in Sustainable Architecture from Saint John International University in Torino.

    In order to meet the business requirements of today’s market, he joined the prestigious Instituto de Empresa in Madrid-Spain for another Master degree in Architectural Management and Design.

    With a work background between Beirut, Dubai and Rome, he launched his architecture practice CHAK Architects in Nigeria.


    Laia Mulet si the founder and director of AlambiLAB Architects (en.alambilab.com).

    The Architect graduated from ETSAV, UPC (Technical University of Catalonia), having studied one year of her Masters Degree at TUDelft in The Netherlands.

    She registered Architect in ARB (UK) and COACV (Spain) in 2008. Her working experience began in London, working 5 years for Foster+Partners. Other important work experience at OB Architecture (Winchester), Hans Moor Architects (Rotterdam) and scholar at ETSAV, UPC. She received some prestigious prizes: 2nd Prize in Europan 11, Arquia Scholarship due to outstanding academic achievements and winner of the Yuzz programm for young entrepeneurs.




  • Shaun Holben

    Architectural Intern at NOS Design

    While studying abroad in Spring 2017 for semester in Rome, Shaun Holben was an architectural intern at NOS Design. He is currently in his third year in the Tyler School of Art, Division of Architecture and Environmental Design at Temple University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree and is on track to graduate in Spring 2018. After graduation he intends to pursue a Masters of Architecture degree. While working at NOS Design, Shaun focused on the production of digital aesthetic representations of past and current projects being undertaken at NOS Design.

    “While working at NOS Design as an architectural intern I obtained an invaluable insight into the inner workings of an international boutique architecture firm as well as extremely beneficial technical experience. This opportunity has not only increased my architectural abilities, but also allowed me to develop both strong oral and written communications skills, which are vital for this profession.”

  • Collin Haslup

    Architectural Intern at NOS Design

    During Collin’s third year pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree of Architecture in the Tyler School of Art and Division of Architecture and Environmental Design at Temple University, he made the decision to study abroad in Rome. While here, Collin explored the options of interning at the international level doing so at NOS Design. During his time with NOS Design, he focused on the advertising and marketing success of the firm, along with post process digital work on projects designed by NOS Design. Collin will achieve his undergraduate degree the following year in the course of ultimately earning a professional Master of Architecture degree.

    “This internship has not only just revealed what I should expect in the future, but it has given me the opportunity to challenge myself in a setting I’ve never experienced before while allowing me to network with an international firm. NOS Design has given me the ability to develop a more desirable architectural expertise and gain strong communication skills along the way.”

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