| Architecture + Interior Design Studio | Concept Design | Feasibility Studies + Sitework Supervision
| Architecture + Interior Design Studio | Concept Design | Feasibility Studies + Sitework Supervision


NOS Design is an Architecture and Interior Design Studio with a dual focus on modern innovation and the recovery and enhancement of existing buildings of historical and architectural value. Founded in 2012 by Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli, it is based in the Eternal City of Rome and operates with an international clientele.

We are a team of highly skilled professionals working both in Italy and abroad, networking and collaborating with international partners in London, Rome, and Shanghai, and elsewhere. Our wide expertise and creative ability in Technical Engineering, Urban and Architectural Design, Technical Coordination, Work Direction, Sustainability, and Interior Design is further strengthened by our international experience. The practice has produced many diverse projects, including offices, schools, commercial, residential, and tourist complexes. We cater to a range of clients, from private customers to international companies.

Professional activities are centered on architectural design aspects, both from a functional and technical point of view, as well as on the planning, evaluation, and verification of regulatory feasibility, both procedural and technical, of existing land-use and property development interventions. We also provide technical-design consulting services to national and foreign professional entities. Throughout all parts of the design process, we collaborate with our clients, interacting with their suggestions and the site’s features.

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