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COLOUR HOUSE – Collina Fleming, Rome



  • COLOUR HOUSE – Collina Fleming, Rome

    Colour House is born from the idea of provoking multiple sensations even within a limited context such as an apartment.

    The use of different colors, masonry treatments, furnishings, and even in the small details (such as suspended vinyl records and the works of art), is designed to continuously change the perception of the space around the observer. The layout reflected the lifestyle of the young single creative owner and therefore a large open space was proposed (except the bedroom), that would communicate an informal meeting place between the kitchen and living room, rather than a set of enclosed spaces.
    Another focal point of the project is the use of antique furniture and recycled objects reinvented in a contemporary way. The kitchen was coated in newspaper and resin, the sessions of the relined stools with a floor pattern, brightly colored sofas, a restored empire hallway bench, and a newly painted resin surfaced closet and bedroom floor and treated directly by Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli. Each object creates a balance of new and impressive life.
    The final effect is bright, dynamic, young, and cheerful, with refined details that measures the clients space and sums up the mission of NOS Design: Design and create spaces that reflect the user’s personality and needs.

    In 2012Colour House was selected in the national competition “80 Longing for Home” – Idea House “in Rome, entitled” La Casa in Color “and in 2014 for the exhibition” The 3rd Tongji Hub Youth Talent Exhibition Designer – Designers’ Proposal for Their Own Life “organized by the Shanghai Design Center.

    In 2008 the BBC program “House Hunters International” (Leopard Production)“, chose to feature the Colour House, calling it one of the most representative buildings of the Roman area.
    In December of 2015, Colour House was published in the design journal “Progetti”. In its Roman edition, a special publication that celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its foundation, was selected for its creative and unique interior, as well as for the re-use of existing materials and reduced charges.


    USE: Residential
    SIZE: 90 MQ
    PLACE: Collina Fleming, Roma
    YEAR: 2005
    MISSION: Recycle, Reinvent, and Re-color
    AWARDS: 3rd Tongji Hub Youth Talent Designer 2014; 80 Voglia di Casa 2012; BBC “House Hunters International 2008”;    

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