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A SPACE FOR IDEAS & INNOVATION – Collina Fleming, Rome

  • A SPACE FOR IDEAS & INNOVATION – Collina Fleming, Rome

    How important is it to work in a stimulating and dynamic environment, but at the same time informal and welcoming? NOS Design considers it fundamental, which is why we designed a workplace that transforms the public area of the studio into a space for ideas to come to life. Located on the basement floor of a building with a completely unique perspective on Rome, this studio has a glazed environment, creating a feeling of being both inside and outside simultaneously. A single open space houses a large window that frames a Zen inspired garden.
    The entire studio is one large open space, containing a central core area for customers and two other areas; the first housing a meeting area and the second two workstations. The sofas, entirely designed by NOS, as well as the low tables, the comma-shaped seats, and the S-shaped chair, emphasize the longitudinal spatiality of the environment. The S-shaped chair was selected to be featured in the 3rd Tongji Hub Youth Talent Design Exhibition organized by the Shanghai Design Center in 2014.
    The recurring theme of reuse can be seen throughout the entire project. Architect and designer Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli deliberately chose to preserve the 1980’s wooden bookcases, the old parquet, and the Thonet chairs. Repainted with many different bright colors, the Thonet chairs bring an informal and welcoming aspect to the space.
    Art is another key aspect of the design of the studio. The Catal Rosa by Massimo Catalani is a sort of metaphorical crucifix that looks at the entire space. The lighting system by Anna Sergenti creates evocative lighting effects and shadows that symbolize mental and physical energy. These features are the perfect synthesis of dynamism that inspires individuals in a workplace.

  • USE: Office Space
    SIZE: 80 m2
    PLACE:  Collina Fleming,  Rome
    YEAR: 2017
    MISSION: Creative Studio

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