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  • Beata Vergine Immacolata Church – Torvaianica, Pomezia

    The new lighting system of Chiesa Beata Vergine Immacolata di Torvaianica was part of a broader scheme to revitalize the center of Pomezia, which began in 2016 with the installation of illuminating benches on Piazza Ungheria and Piazza del Belverde.
    The project explores the possibilities of highlighting the details of the façade by using horizontal and vertical light. The aim was to enhance the stylistic and material features of the architectural monument. The church and the square in front of it play significant role in Torvaianica as a meeting point and a place for socializing and we wanted to be recognized as important monuments.
    The main task was to bring life to the church and make it the dominant part of the space. In the project we used direct lighting on the travertine adjacent to the podium, which also forms the entrance to the church. The illumination and its dimensional diversity create a play of lights and shadows emphasizing the representativeness of the liturgical function.
    The use of wider beams of light frames the central ocular containing the cross and makes it visible from a distance, almost as it was an open call to the city.

  • USE: Curch
    SIZE: 165 m2
    PLACE: Pomezia, Italy
    YEAR: 2017
    MISSION: Lighting

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