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FORNACI GUEST HOUSE – Via delle Fornaci, Rome

  • BED AND BREAKFAST – Via delle Fornaci, Rome

    NOS was selected to renovate an apartment on a budget, turning it into a bed and breakfast in a prominent neighborhood in Rome.

    The apartment is located in a building constructed in the 1960s, a time in which the city was undergoing a transformation in the form of new apartment building blocks, eventually giving rise to the Prati and Aurelio neighborhoods surrounding the Vatican. This property is located just down the street from the Saint Peter’s Basilica. In fact, there is a wonderful view of Bernini’s baroque portico from the apartment’s balcony.
    Due to its enviable location, the brief was to renovate the apartments, transforming them into two bed and breakfasts. With a short time frame and a limited budget, NOS’ strategy was to magnify the impact of the existing features the apartment by keeping the finishes modern and neutral, while adding pops of color in the form of paint and wallpaper. One of the original features of the apartment was the Venetian terrazzo flooring. This technique dates back to the 16th century in Venice, and quickly became an icon of Venetian craftsmanship. Small pieces of marble and stone are mixed with concrete, then pressed and polished to create a mosaic-like surface.  NOS was able to restore the floors to their original beauty  through polishing, and running the new utility lines through a slightly lower false ceiling. The false ceiling also allowed for new recessed lighting, creating soft points of light throughout the apartment for a warm and inviting feel.
    While the main color palette is quite neutral, each room includes a feature wall of a different color to define the individual space and create contrast. The colors were carefully chosen to bring out the colors of the marble specks in the flooring.
    The kitchen was designed by NOS and produced by Arrital, a company specializing in budget kitchens, and features orange vinyl cabinets, modern appliances, and light grey tile flooring by Marazzi. In the bathrooms, the NOS team continued the Marazzi tiles, this time in a fun pattern.
    The finishing touches in the apartment came in the form of original watercolors by Roman artist Michelangelo Canzi, the homeowners’ father. These pieces bring out the color scheme and highlight the location of the apartment through the Roman landscapes shown in the work.
    Ultimately, the success of the design is due to NOS’ intention to keep the residential feeling, while maximizing the amount of bedrooms. It truly feels like a “home away from home” in the heart of the Eternal City.

  • USE: Bed and Breakfast
    SIZE:  150 m2
    PLACE: Rome, Italy
    YEAR: 2018
    MISSION: Hospitality, Residential feel 

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