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DYNAMIC HOUSE – Via Bodoni, Rome

  • DYNAMIC HOUSE – Via Bodoni, Rome

    The apartment is situated in Testaccio, a popular distict of Rome, populated predominantly by young, creative and dynamic community.
    The owner is the creative director of a communications agency, who has purchased a small space near his workplace, and decided to personalize it and make the most of its spatial potential.
    At the time of our visit, the house had the typical style of the seventies, expressed through the kitchen pottery, the floral and geometrical motifs, the pistacho green, the brown and the celestial floors, the pink sanitary ware and the inadequacy of the fixtures. The atmposphere was similar to being in a tight, dark space. The distribution was the original one, dating back to the first years of the last century. It was repeated in all corners of the building: when you enter the flat you face the door of a tiny bathroom, and the corridor leads you to three rooms situated spatially around the corner and completly closing the perception of the house from the entrance.
    The first task was to free the apartment from the divisions between the spaces and open it as much as possible. The walls were knocked down allowing the house to be percieved in its entirety. It made the space much brighter and it also improved the natural ventilation so the air was no longer stifled.
    The second task was designing a larger bathroom, moving one of the walls right next to the window and at the same time shifting the shorter wall further from the main entrance to open a room for services.
    The key to design the living space was to pay attention to the details in order to make the most out of every space and achieve maximum functionality.
    In close collaboration with the client and a skilled carpenter artist, various solutions for spatial distribution and furnishing were adopted.
    A small support wall was built to visually enlarge the bathroom and open enough space for mounting a large shower tray. The space on the other side of the wall was used to accomodate the services. The remaining space on the long side of the bathroom was used to fix a wooden top, handcrafted in chestnut wood, in an elegant contrast to the hard and firm character of the gray hardwood flooring.
    For the bedroom, a pedestal had to be designed that would allow the bed to rise up gradually reaching the level of the base of the window. This solution has allowed to hide the escalator compartment, accessible from the street, which protruded into the room. Parquet was using as a finish on the sides of the steps as well. Several storage compartments were integrated into the steps.
    The choice of furnishings and finishes, the fun and colorful kitchen cladding, the sober oak parquet, the sanitized shutters, the lighting fixtures and the custom-made wooden furniture gave a unique character and strong identity to the apartment.

    Photo by ©Emanuele Bianco

  • USE: Residential
    SIZE: 60 m2
    PLACE: Quartiere Testaccio, Rome
    YEAR: 2016
    MISSION: Re-viatlization, Re-distribution, Color

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