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HOUSE A+B – Vigne Nuove, Rome



  • HOUSE A+B – Vigne Nuove, Rome

    The project consists of being located on the top floor of a building in Vigne Nuove that occupies the entire surface with a large rooftop terrace throughout its development. It was born from the precise will of the buyer who wanted to obtain two independent units, using the double existing property entrance to integrate the living space within the two verandas built on the terrace by the previous owner. The verandas where in poor conditions and the will was to reconstruct them to become proper built new volumes with a contained budget.
    For this mission, we tried finding circumscribed interventions that met the needs of functionality and usability requirements, almost in a surgical manner by intervening only in the key points.
    The two new residential areas (House A and House B), were obtained through the realization of a small partition wall in correspondence of the old library. In House B, the new layout proposal incorporates the disengagement space and coverts it into a large bedroom and a study room which acts as a new filter.
    In both residences, special attention went towards more public spaces. In fact, the living area of House A was connected directly to reconfigured veranda becoming a sort of hinge between the two bedrooms (the first one occupying the old hall, the second by a part of the old porch). The kitchen and bathroom facilities remain around the edge of the house.
    Even in House B the living area is expanded and directly communicating with the kitchen, inserted in the newly redesigned veranda. The result is a completely different perception of space, which improves the livability.
    The dilapidated and worn down verandas incorporated in House A+B have been reconfigured and provided with adequate thermal performance and have now a proper spatiality, helping to improve the comfort of the environment they are connected to. The final effect is a total integration with the adjacent rooms and a refraction and reflection of light that floods them out.
    Special attention has been spent on the arrangement of the furniture, designed to ensure fluidity and dynamism. The fixed furniture elements have been entirely designed to measure, such as the library of House A or the kitchen of House B. This project represents the success created by doing small but effective interventions that enhance and characterize these spaces with a constrained budget.

    Photo by ©Paolo Mercogliano

  • USE: Residential
    SIZE: 250 sqm
    PLACE: Vigne Nuove, Rome
    YEAR: 2016
    MISSION: Re-invent, Colors, New Lighting

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