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LIGHT HOUSE – Parioli, Rome



  • LIGHT HOUSE – Parioli, Rome

    Light everywhere. This was the first sensation perceived during the inspection.

    The property, located on the first floor of a building in the Parioli district of Rome, existed in poor condition: the worn finish, the wall cabinets partially damaged, windows and doors in some cases unusable; But in contrast a beautiful light flooded the entire space.

    The original design of the space had a non-optimal spatial distribution, which led to the redesign of the interior. The entrance was very large, but not usable; The service area was badly distributed with very small kitchen, which was accompanied by a bathroom that was practically inaccessible, a kind of small size pantry, but equipped with two windows and a single bathroom for the rest of the house.

    The second input was therefore the optimization of space through redistribution of the service area, the redefinition of the entrance area, the inclusion of a new bathroom in the house service.
    The input was reduced spatially, and designed so as to emphasize the visual axis toward the building yard: has been given, therefore, a longitudinal development.

    Still utilizing the old entrance and the pantry, we were able to design a new kitchen. The service area was reduced dimensionally and made accessible from the kitchen itself; the small bathroom rethought by reorganizing and modification of the space with the help of bespoke models to make the space more usable.

    With the redesign of the kitchen section, the living area now has two rooms with one being more intimate, and the second more public, being directly visible from the entrance.

    Also, thanks to the size reduction in one of the rooms, which had a strange recess, it was possible to add another bathroom, one master and one for guests.

    To enhance the diffusion of light we have chose light colors for the walls such as beige and pale gray. For the finishes of the floors and walls we chose warmer colors such as slight oak wood floors and cream-colored stoneware.

    The hallway, the only room lacking light in the house, was designed to be completely covered with mirrors in order to increase the depth and to reflect the light coming from the other rooms.

    Particular attention was paid to the fixed furniture, most of which were custom designed, such as the bookcases of two of the bedrooms, the entrance wardrobe and furniture for bathrooms.

    Remaining faithful to the philosophy of recycling, the existing cabinet in the bedroom was salvaged and recycled with a new makeover.

    Photo by ©Paolo Mercogliano

  • USE: Residential
    SIZE: 130 MQ
    PLACE: Rome
    YEAR: 2016
    MISSION: Light, Ri-vitalization, re-distribution, re-structuring

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