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  • Residenza Marangoni, Via Marangoni – Rome

    We are excited to announce the completion of a new penthouse apartment, located near the heart of Piazza Bologna, in North West Roma. This three bed, three bath penthouse is equipped with a large terrace overlooking the Piazza. With a great location near the majority of the cities main universities, this spot is filled with vibrant youth. A short walk from the train, metro, and bus stops, the penthouse is well connected to the entire city.

    Beginning as a 1940’s apartment, we completely refurbished the space and created an entirely new layout. Multiple narrow corridors and small rooms were transformed into open and welcoming spaces. The space was distributed into two main zones: one containing the beds and baths, and one containing living spaces.

    Like the majority of the beginning century villas in this area, the original apartment was outdated. It consisted of dark and lifeless woodwork and wallpaper. The living spaces and kitchen were completely separated from one another, creating tiny corridors and dark lighting.

    In order to free up all of the space that was lost in the original design, we demolished many of the walls and created the two main zones. In order to create a more bright and vibrant living space, we enlarged the windows and replaced the outdated wallpaper with white and grey paints. LED lights were introduced to add character while keeping the space subtle and mild. Light and clean rovere wood now replaces the dark tiles.

    In the second zone, containing the bed and baths, we utilized many unique ceramics to continue with the subtle and mild theme. A leaf-like tile by Marazzi, a world leader in ceramic and porcelain for floor and wall tiles, can be found in the bathrooms. This unique tile provides a zen atmosphere. Other ceramic tiles can also be found in the baths that resemble fabric.

    The furniture for the penthouse will be designed piece by piece. In order to authenticate the space, we designed each piece with a “made in Italy” feel accompanied by our carpenter. The owner of the apartment had one dominant request, which was to keep a small part of his great grandfather in the new design. Featured above is a drawing by him, featuring a locomotive specially created to fit the dimensions of the wall.

    Photo by ©Paolo Mercogliano

  • USE: Residential
    SIZE: 220 m2
    PLACE: Via Marangoni, Rome
    YEAR: 2017
    MISSION: Revitalization, Redistribution

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