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SAN NICOLA – Piazza Barberini, Rome

  • SAN NICOLA – Piazza Barberini, Rome

    Located in the renowned Piazza Barberini, this project is situated in the centro storico, or city center, of Rome. The square dates back as far as the 16th century, subsequently causing the reconstruction of many of the surrounding buildings. It was named after the Palazzo Barberini, a renowned Baroque palace built on a sloping site on the south side of the piazza. Additionally, the great Fontana del Tritone, created by the Baroque sculptor Bernini, is located at the center.

    The goal of this project was to transform a spacious apartment into an inviting guest house. Although the apartment is situated at the highest floor of a 16th-century baroque building, a view of the piazza is available only from one room. The remaining windows overlook the building’s shady inner courtyard. The combination of poorly lit rooms and a long narrow corridor had produced an extremely depressing atmosphere. Our top priority was to combat this gloomy mood by brightening the space using multiple different strategies, such as painting the dark walls and wooden ceilings a bright white.

    In order to preserve the rich history of both the site and the building itself, we kept many of the authentic elements of the interior space, such as the wooden ceilings and original cotto flooring. Each room has its own role in the guest home, with its own style and character. The Deco British style of the bathroom and the contrast between black and white paired with the Devon&Devon retro furniture creates its main character. Moroccan concrete tiles were utilized in the semi-open space kitchen, creating a multi-colored backsplash. As the main area of socialization for guests, the living room plays a predominant role in the space. In order to create a more spacious guest home out of an apartment, the kitchen was semi-combined with the living space. Our authentic and rich furniture choices created an inviting, comfortable, and personal space. Additionally, copper lamps added an elegant accent to the 19th century furniture in the apartment.

    Photo by ©Paolo Mercogliano

  • USE: Residenziale
    SIZE:  140 m2
    PLACE: Roma, Italy
    YEAR: 2017
    MISSION: Cultura, storia, conservazione

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