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VILLA VETTICA – Vettica, Amalfi

  • VILLA VETTICA – Vettica, Amalfi

    Located on the cliff side of the picturesque Amalfi Coast, the palace offers spectacular views of the coastline’s breathtaking cliffs, grottos, and bays. It was built during the 18th century and it is part of an UNESCO World Heritage Site, which brought many challenges on our way to converting it to a luxury boutique hotel. Our focus was to preserve the deep cultural and historical roots, embedded in the coastline, and to design a spatial transformation that feels almost like a natural evolution of the existing division of the space. NOS Design wish was to have a conservative approach and to emphasize on excellent-quality of local materials mixed with contemporary high tech devices, texture and light. The new concept of the boutique hotel – private villa is to have the same facilities of a 5-star hotel and at the same time feel like a private villa, which means that only the entire hotel will be offered for rent for the desired time. The new architectural concept is created around the concepts of being embedded with the environment to give a paradise-like experience. The 10 master bedroom suites all have unique and distinct features: vault-shaped ceilings, terracotta pavements, LED atmospheric lighting, Calacatta marbles in the ensuite bathroom, full height glazed windows that frame the panorama. All these design features that blend tradition and the latest contemporary trends create a high-end cosy environment. Other key features of the project include a cliff-side pool, a private outdoor bar, and multiple spacious patio areas for guests to enjoy.

    Photographs by ©Giovanni di Montanara

  • USE: Hotel
    SIZE: 1000 m2
    PLACE: Vettica, Amalfi
    YEAR: 2018-2019
    MISSION: Luxury Boutique Hotel, Made in Amalfi

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