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First lesson of Archi Management Course with Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli

Yesterday, the 15th of November, 2017, was the first lesson of  ”Archi Management Course: the architect-entrepreneur”, directed by Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli and co-directed with Architect Tommaso Davi and launched by the “Chamber of Architects in Rome”. The collaboration took place at Ordine Degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti e Conservatori di Roma e Provincia. The first topic taught by Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli and Architect Valina Geropanta was “Design and Business Communication”. The main subjects covered during the lesson were understanding the need to promote the business in an architectural practice and techniques to communicate ideas to clients, to communities, to users to meet design and commercial goals.
Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli and Valina Geropanta shared a lot of useful and practical tools to be used from their experience. Many architects from Rome did attend the lesson, both young and already well established. The collaborative discussion was composed of a presentation, questions and answers and sharing experience and new ideas. Everyone was delighted at the end and left very positive feedback. The course itself is dedicated to architects, who are interested in developing their work and build their reputation or want to attract an audience to their practice. The Director of NOS Design – Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli – has a tremendous international experience, as she obtained her degree in the UK and worked for London-based Foster + Partners. She is also in close relationship with China, through her Italian Architecture and Design Association (ITAD)The course is open to anyone, who desires to expand their knowledge on how to manage his architecture career. A lot of exciting information will be shared in the upcoming modules.

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