The property is located in Via Orvieto, in a building built in the early 1900s. Located in one of the most populated historic districts of Rome, San Giovanni, also known as Appio Latino. The project was “sewn” on the needs of a client who wanted to transfer their travel experiences inside the residence. The Nos Design team focused on the search for harmony between an ethnic and contemporary style, creating a heterogeneous environment that moves away from minimal and linear design. Following the indications of the client, who is passionate about yoga practice, the project is oriented towards the search for harmony between mind, body and space. Lots of color, raw wood, ethnic and boho accessories. Natural fibers, real plants and plants on wallpapers. This is contrasted by the stylistic and architectural choice of leaving the walls neutral with the doors flush with the wall. Another feature of this project was the choice of craftsmanship: all the doors were made to design as well as all the bathroom finishes. The latter revolves around a spa with a perfect reference to the Nordic style in harmonious contrast with the wooden top, the stone bowls, the asymmetrical mirrors and the choice of a jungle wallpaper. A project that wants to evoke distant environments, where light becomes the protagonist creating plays of light and shadow on the walls and on the parquet.