Located in Via Lazio, in a building built at the end of the 19th century, celebrating the unification of Italy. Located behind Via Vittorio Veneto, symbol of the “dolce vita” due to the presence of elegant first-class hotels such as the Excelsior and outdoor cafes frequented by prominent personalities and artists. It was one of the most important urban interventions of that historical period since the New Rione Ludovisi was created. The NOS team concentrated on amplifying the internal environments, optimizing the spaces, through the redistribution of the service areas and the redefinition of the living area.
The entrance was designed to emphasize the visual axis, creating a focal point through the choice of full-height wall cladding. A lighted cornice runs along the ceiling to give a warm and inviting feeling. The main colors of the walls are neutral, and fit perfectly into a classic frame given by the boiserie on the walls, which not only returns a preponderant aesthetic aspect, but at the same time functional, as it houses the toilets and hides the service areas . This device allows a uniform and homogeneous perception of the environment. The background to the bedroom is a glamorous wallpaper, jardin des plantes, which integrates perfectly into the cross vault and restores proportion and spaciousness to the room. The cross vault of the room is the protagonist of the entire space, and its soft shapes are taken up by the line of the frame. The bed is framed by a wooden structure which gives the room a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.
The kitchen was designed by NOS and produced by Arrital, a company that produces kitchens with a made in Italy design. It features gray vinyl cabinets, modern appliances and a mirror to expand the perception and space. Inside the service area, the NOS team had fun designing two twin bathrooms, highlighting this aspect also through the choice of Ariostea coverings with large slabs with a Calacatta oro a macchia vecchia marble effect. The peculiarity of these bathrooms lies in the customization of the ceilings with different colors to enhance the environment. The choice of the floor frames this project. An irregular porcelain stoneware by ceramichesant’agostino enhances the space and conveys all the authenticity of wood in its maximum natural expression.