Palazzo Van Wageningen Ottavi is a beautiful Medieval family home located in Tagliacozzo,Aquila. The aim of the project was to revitalize these lovely property, briging it into the XXIst Century, while preserving its priceless architectural and historical heritage. These 3 floors abode of roughly 200 smq went through a 360° renovation, from engineering maintenance work to ensure structural stability, exterior work to ensure proper thermal insulation, to a holistic interior architecture project to create a welcoming home for many generations to come.
Due to its historical heritage, materials were carefully selected putting great attention to details, making sure they were blending seamlessly with the original features of the home. A lime stoned effect flooring was choosen for the entire ground floor linking to the existing original and natural travertine elements; while chequered Retro’ tiles from Ceramiche Grazia where selected to replace some of the ruined original floorings in other parts of the Palazzo.
Particular attention and labour was put on restoring the lovely stone metal of the first floor fireplace, surely a cozy cocoon with the home were previous generations gathered together to create priceless memories. These particular area of the Palazzo was designed to create a welcoming living room where today’s and future generations can continue to gather around not only during important events nut on daily living.
From macro to the smallest of details love, great craftmanship and meticulous work was dedicated, ensuring beauty, historical accuracy and comfort living; Giving a new aesthectic to the Palazzo and at the same time nurishing its rich heritage.