We are happy to announce another splendid milestone for the NOSDesign Studio! Located in the North West of the city of Rome, a stone’s throw from the Metro and the railway station, the penthouse in Via Marangoni enjoys a splendid view of Piazza Bologna, the center of all the largest universities in the city.
The apartment, built in the 1940s, had very narrow and dark spaces, long corridors with wood paneling and wallpaper that did little justice to the potential of the home. For this reason, most of the silent partitions have been demolished, the living area has been transformed into a large open space full of light thanks to the enlargement of all the windows and the use of white paint throughout the living space of the house. The LED lights that run along the entire perimeter frame this new large and decisive space, all made welcoming and familiar by a splendid oak parquet. The rooms have also been enlarged and made as bright as possible; the bathrooms have been treated with bas-relief ceramics with a natural texture “Marazzi”, world leader in the sector, which give the room a pleasant Zen atmosphere. The interiors have been designed one by one to exploit the space in all its parts and make them accurate and unrepeatable; interesting the request of the owner in wanting to dedicate an element of the house to the grandfather. For this reason the kitchen was hidden by a wall entirely covered with wallpaper depicting a locomotive, designed by the latter