If it is true that life is representation, then it is true that landscape can be assimilated to theater. A theater in which the scene is the territory and the entire planet is the stage for humanity’s infinite performances. The man-actor-spectator becomes a factor of growth, of planning, mediator between ecological knowledge and a sense of memory, of protection and safeguarding, of the ability to grasp the meaning that landscapes emanate (cf. Eugenio Turri “Landscape as theater: from the lived territory to the represented territory”). There are two relevant landscape components of this project: the Extended landscape due to the lake and the morphology of the degrading territory and the Punctual landscape made up of the secular vegetation which acts as a counterpoint to the lake. The project accompanies the observer on a crossing path that ends on the lake, with the aim of maintaining a constant link with the natural element: an approach path through dedicated visuals. Based on the structure of the context, the project includes extended components (such as squares, viewpoints and crossings in general) and punctual components (single elements, buildings and glamping). Each of the above elements dialogues dialectically with the existing landscape in a process of building a new mental image which, thanks to the project, fully integrates all the components involved. The theme of integration is obtained, as regards the built through the recovery of a building typology of the past, revisited in a contemporary key in a sustainable key, while as regards the paths and squares, through the use of natural materials, or similar to them (wood, stone, etc.), always maintaining the permeability of the substrate.The main building maintains a visual permeability between the front facade and the rear facade maintaining a constant relationship with the lake. For the purposes of integration with the external environment, 2 patios have been inserted in correspondence with the more private areas. As for the volumes to be inserted in the area dedicated to Glamping, they follow the logic of versatility to better satisfy the number of end users. In fact, the project includes a basic module with a pergola structure on an expandable platform. Starting from the basic module, which can accommodate two people, you can get up to an aggregation that can accommodate six. The glamping module consists of a basic cell that contains the kitchen and toilets, placed inside a construction system of the balloon frame type (uprights and cross pieces), and which in fact will constitute the anchoring structure of the tent. The awning body can then be assembled according to the needs and the necessary dimensions, with different configurations. In the winter season, or if it is not necessary, the aforementioned body can be disassembled leaving visible only the service block (carefully treated to remain outside) and the structure – pergola, thus not constituting a visual obstacle during the phases of inactivity. but rather a comfortable platform from which to enjoy the panorama of the lake.