The “Snowhite” kindergarten, inspired by the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, focuses attention on the importance of relational spaces for teaching purposes: dynamic surfaces, free from obligatory walking directions, the use of tactile materials, the presence of changing images, allow children to have ever new cognitive experiences. Furthermore, the green space is in fact the heart of the building: a small vegetable garden didactic is guarded by the internal courtyard. The accesses are suitably positioned and define two continuous routes which crosses the object. The acesses maintain the view between inside and outside, connecting the kindergarten, the school, and the park in front.Each environment, oriented in a optimal, it is expandable towards the surrounding garden, presenting a green area that can be used independently. The project was also published at the address see link, on the website of studio Z14 S.r.l. by Alessandro Ridolfi, with whom NOS Design collaborated for the design of the kindergarten itself.