THE “WOMB” KINDERGARTEN, project commissioned by the Ministry of Justice, which directly approached Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli to design residences and a kindergarten for the police forces. Two locations, Rome and Milan, to accommodate over 709 people. The NOSDesign studio dedicated itself to the entire design of the school, with Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli employing all her design skills to create something never seen before.
Every choice, both in design and materials, was made to create an atmosphere suitable for the best learning experience for children, with playful and outdoor spaces integrated into each classroom. The structure itself takes the form of an embryo, aiming to create a welcoming environment like a maternal embrace; Benedetta was able to metaphorically create a shape that “embraced” the children. Inspired by the project of the renowned Architect Mario Cucinella, the supporting structure is a skeleton made of wood, as eco-sustainable as possible, giving the spaces a very fluid spatiality.
The interiors are designed to be child-friendly; the playground is paved with a special anti-slip and anti-shock rubber for the safety of the little users. Sunlight, another major protagonist in the design, plays a fundamental role: entering from the south in the common areas, it is used to create a highly efficient passive solar system. Natural lighting is facilitated by large glass walls. The NOSDesign team is very proud to have designed something special for the children, and we can’t wait to share the final result!