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Tianjin International Design Week 2017

Roman Architects in the World: (Re)Vitalize and (Re)Generate the Future

In Tianjin, one of the four most populous municipalities in the People’s Republic of China with a population of over 15 million, the third edition of “TDW – Tianjin Design Week 2017” began with the exhibition “The Future is Now – Roman Architects in the World: (Re)Vitalize and (Re)Generate the Future.” It was given by Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli and Architect Cristiana Pacchiarotti, coordinators of the Department of Internationalization of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Rome, who oversaw the details of the installation of the “Made in Rome” Pavilion. They presented 40 projects of Roman architects, divided into 7 macro themes: public works, private works, restorations, interior design, public spaces, outfitting and yacht design.

During the opening, an office for professionals was presented to the public, a branch responsible for welcoming and addressing Roman architects in the great Chinese architecture market.

Mr. Alessandro Ridolfi, president of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Rome, expressed enormous enthusiasm, at which point he stated that “thanks to this initiative, the importance of the internationalization of the profession is confirmed, which must look increasingly at emerging markets such as China as a concrete job opportunity where the excellence of Roman professionals has to be promoted, an initiative strongly advocated for by the PPC Architects’ Order from Rome.” Among the first objectives of the branch is the interchange of young Roman and Chinese professionals. “With the official inauguration of the Rome-Tianjin branch, new negotiations are underway to facilitate the exchange of professionals between the two countries,” said Architect Pacchiarotti.

Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli also stated during the TDW forum that “urban regeneration and revitalization of preexisting architecture in the contemporary sphere is one of the most current issues for Roman architects who are often called upon to address the historic center, filling oppressive urban voids, with new technologies to implement the preexisting ones. This approach is highly demanded for the sustainable growth of new Chinese cities.”

The event was effective in consolidating the already strong relationships between the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Rome and the Chinese professionals operating in the construction sector.

At the opening and presentation of the event, Arch. Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli began her speech with thanks to the promoters team and congratulations to the organization:

“First of all, I would like to thank the promoter and the soul of this international event, Mr Li Yunfei, and all his impeccable organization, both by our President Alessandro Ridolfi and our Department of Internationalization, which I direct with Arch. Cristiana Pacchiarotti of the Order of Architects of Rome. We have participated in many international design events, especially in China, and we have never witnessed such involvement, hospitality, intercultural and professional exchange as here at Tianjin Design Week, so a great thank you to all of you.”

The Roman Pavilion was set up for the exhibition of 40 contemporary projects representing the architecture and design “Made in Rome“, carefully selected from 18,000 Roman architects and designers who joined this initiative promoted by the Order of Architects of Rome.

Exhibited projects were grouped into 7 macro themes: public works, private works, restorations, interior design, public spaces, product design, and yacht design, because, as stated by Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli, “our architectural profession is multidisciplinary and manifests itself on all scales: from the city to the domestic space for the design of the building.”

Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli introduced the projects and described Italian work and professionalism:

“… in Italy, and particularly in Rome, the future is represented by urban regeneration and revitalization of contemporary architecture, which is one of the most current themes. Often our Architects are called upon to tackle the restoration of the historic city center, fill urban gaps, and confront the new technologies to be implemented alongside the pre-existence. ‘The Future is Now’ – it is truly in urban regeneration and restoration as a vanguard, sustainability and new technologies, but also as a continuity of history in its wider version.”


Among the public works, her presentation focused on the description of four of them in particular: the Convention Center EUR by the Studio Fuksas; the new seat of the European Council of Brussels, the Europa building, designed by Studio Valley; the Centro Polivalente of the San Pardo-Pietra School, designed by the Metamorph studio; and the MAC Museum of Archeology in Colfiorito designed by MT Studio.


Of the private projects sector, she said:

“… we present as a sample the wonderful residential complex, immersed in a protected wooded area near Todi in the Umbria region, designed by Studio Lazzarini and Pickering. Here too “the Future is Now” is interpreted as transformability, flexibility and continuity, obtained through the restructuring and the new technological implementations of an entire hamlet dating back to 1800.”


The next theme of the exhibition was the one dedicated to the themes of renewal and transformation, which is, as Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli said, “very dear to us Roman Architects, since most of our work is applied to pre-existence. We present the most important flagship store of Maison Valentino at the Piazza di Spagna, a project by Polis Studio.”

Emblematic of this design methodology, the Project of Extension and Restoration of the Central Bank of Albania was exhibited, drawn up by Petreschi Architects, as well as the new headquarters of the Ecole Française de Rome at Piazza Navona, designed by Studio Seste Engineering.


Continuing with the revitalization and regeneration section of interior design, the presentation focused on the New Laboratories of the Department of Architecture Roma Tre of the Insula Architecture and Engineering Studio and on the project of T Studio of the transformation into the Museum of the Church of Contemporary Art in Foligno. Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli commented, “in my opinion, the project presented was emblem: a true poetry of the future in the subject of reuse.”


Among the Public Spaces is the new Annibaliano metro station in Rome of Studio ABDR and the new theme park Cinecittà World designed by architect Carreras.


Another section was devoted to another typically Italian theme, that of yacht design, the excellence Made in Italy. Among them was the Konigin II recovery project, designed initially by the German shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen in 1912.

You can see more images of the event and other insights on the Chinese site dedicated to the event, the Tianjin International Design Week 2017:

The Future is Now:  http://tianjindesignweek.com/
To the Professionals involved:  http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/NjjlopISBCiHe1ttbge_SA),
At the Roman Pavilion:  http://tianjindesignweek.com/tdw2017-exhibition/2017/5/10/-yearbookroman-architects-in-the-world)
And the presentation of the event itself: http://m.home.163.com/home/mobile/static/news_detail.shtml?docid=CKATI59100108O8K)    

More info: http://www.agenpress.it/notizie/2017/05/17/terza-edizione-tdw-tianjin-design-week-2017/






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