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Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli represented the Chamber of Architects of Rome (OAR) on urban regeneration meeting

On the 5th of December, Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli was amongst the organizational committee as a lead member of the “Consulta dei Giovani Imprenditori e Professionisti”, representing the Chamber of Architects of Rome (OAR) Youth Section for the city meeting “Shared Energies on Urban Regeneration” hosted by Sorgente Group at Galleria Alberto Sordi, Rome. The theme of the meeting was the urban regeneration of the Capital: sharing visions and strategies on urban development, mobility and infrastructures amongst key public and private stakeholder. Common goals and ideas have been outlined by the private sectors, the Rome City Council as well as the Italian Ministry of Public Administration and Ministry of Health. The committee are Youth Council of Etrepreneurs and Professionals of Lazio, Sorgente Group and Il Foglio Quotidiano. A case study for the redevelopment of Viale Mazzini was presented by the Association of Developers of Rome in collaboration with the Chamber of the Architects of Rome represented by Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli and Architect Antonio Stella Ricther. They also launched a National Ideas Competition for young architects to redevelop green areas with scholarships as prizes for the winners. The evening ended with a dinner and a DJ set. The panel of speakers consisted of:
• Minister for Public Administration, Marianna Madia
• Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin
Welcome greetings:
• Valter Mainetti, AD Sorgente Group
• Elisabetta Maggini, President of the Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals Committee

Moderator: Claudio Cerasa, Director of Il Foglio
• Carlo Muratori, President of the Young Builders Association of Rome
• Fausto Bianchi, President of Giovani Unindustria
• Paolo Clarizia, President of the Young Administrativist Association
• Alessandro Zucconi, President of the Federalberghi Youth
• Virgilio De Bono, President of the Young Italian Medical Coordination
• Lorenza Bonaccorsi, Deputy of the Italian Republic

Valter Mainetti
Elisabetta Maggini
Marianna Madia – Elisabetta Maggini
Lorenza Bonaccorsi
Tavola Rotonda

RS Energie per la rigenerazione urbana – Galleria Alberto Sordi 5-12-2017

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