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NOS Design is an International architecture studio that produces authentic ‘Made in Italy’ Architecture, Interior Design and Product Design. Founded by award-winning architect and interior designer, Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli and architect Simona La Cognata, the Nos Design studio is based in the Eternal City of Rome and operates with an international cliental.
Our world-renowned architecture is driven by the pursuit of QUALITY – a belief that our surroundings directly influence the quality of our lives, whether in the work place, at home or the public spaces in between. It is not just buildings but the interior design and thus the working atmosphere in which we find ourselves, that affect our well being. As professional architects and interior designers, what concerns us most in the development of a project is its physical context; due to our appreciation and consequently sensitivity towards the culture and climate in which the project is erected. Our quest for quality embraces the physical performance of buildings and their interiors.
The strategic direction of the Nos Design practice is guided by the management board. Members of this team include architects and interior designers, as well as a skilled construction team. We strive to continually develop our range of skills and technical capabilities in order to provide our clients with an authentic Italian design service.


  • nos design architettura roma studio consulenza

    Authentic Italian Conceptual Architecture and Interior Design

    We offer functional yet sophisticated solutions to maximise space, while simultaneously producing a piece of Italian artwork. Being aesthetically beautiful is not our only priority, however. We also strive to incorporate and maintain an environmentally friendly etiquette for all our projects in order to prevent obstacles that future generations will inevitably be faced with. Contact us with your proposals and we will assist you immediately .

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    Economical Solutions

    Whether it be a ten-story skyscraper or a small country-side cottage, we pride ourselves on finding the best possible outcomes within the budget our clients provide. Combining functional yet elegant requirements and a fantastic quality to price ratio, we provide our clients with the most economical yet artistic and thus aesthetically pleasing solution there is. We are experts at such solutions due to our collaboration with national and international materials companies and Public Administrations.

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    NOS Design approaches each building design with three key aims: optimising performance, enriching experience and the re-connection to the natural world. We use the most technologically advanced mediums to design buildings with a high energy performance, enabling us to reduce its carbon footprint and energy costs. Nos Design follows world renowned environmental principles, such as U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Consequently, our buildings run on little energy, and they harvest sunlight, improve air quality, retain heat, and support flexible uses.

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     Renowned Italian Design and Building Solutions

    We are a practice that assists every minimal phase of the erection of each individual project. Whether it be the bureaucratic procedures, the architectural planning, or the submission of a final project; we assist every step in order to ensure perfection. Our expertise in coordinating authentic Italian interior designs and architectural projects on an international scale enables us to time-effectively manage numerous large-scale international projects simultaneously.

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    Italian Creative Expertise

    We provide luxury Italian expertise with each of our projects. Every single carpenter, artisan, silversmith, or goldsmith that works in collaboration with us is renowned in Italy for their professional expertise. This benefit provides our clients with the possibility of adding final touches that completely re-create the atmosphere of an interior.  

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    Italian Designer Discounts

    Being both a nationally and internationally renowned studio, famous Italian Designers provide us with extreme discounts on their housing products. This supplementary benefit provides our clients with yet another major motive to work with us on realising their architectural dreams. 


Fantastically modern approach that, suffused with artistic and unique designs, allows for architectural masterpieces.  Claudia Lucrezio

Authentic and consequently elegant Italian styles, as well as their international connections and their tendency of being extremely reliable puts them as a top architectural practice. I am extremely satisfied with the excellent quality of my projects final product and their fantastic capability of dealing with bureaucratic and administrative obstacles. Patient and attentive, they always found a solution to a problem resulted in highly detailed and unique designs. Highly recommended.  Michele Frediani

 I did a one day internship about two months ago to create my Architecture Portfolio for the University of Cambridge and it was absolutely fantastic! Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli was so patient, helpful and kind! She is extremely informed and was an enormous help! Without her I would not have even known where to start. She introduced me to new software, taught me how to use it and spent hours with me refining it and making it perfect- we left the studio at 8pm! She is dedicated, hardworking and will give you as much time as she has available. I recommend her without a doubt! I will definitelycome back in the summer for a full internship, I would never want to miss out on such an experience! Flavia Bernabò

Exemplary interior design solutions and a perfect price-quality balance. I spent a relatively small amount considering the masterpiece Nos Design produced. Their artistic and creative use of wallpaper, textiles, paintings and lights completely overturned the atmosphere of my once run-down house. Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli is extremely well-informed on every single new interior design perspective and has direct contacts with both national and international practices widening a clients choice of product as well as ensuring a much lower price compared to that one finds in shops. I am extremely satisfied with the result!! Rudy d'Ippolito


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