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ITAD Organizes Visit to Underground Basilica of Porta Maggiore

14.06.17 | Roma

ITAD was honored to host a visit to the Basilica Neopithagorica, or the Underground Basilica of Porta Maggiore, for the Spanish Embassy of Rome. The visit was organized by Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli, founder of NOS Design and director of ITAD, and Architect Valina Geropanta, academic co-director of ITAD, to foster dialogue and appreciation of art and history among Italian and Spanish cultures.

The Underground Basilica of Porta Maggiore is situated roughly 50 feet under railroad tracks close to the Porta Maggiore in Rome. Discovered in 1915, this historic site dates to the first century C. E. It was constructed in the style of a Christian basilica by a movement of Neopythagoreans, who revived Pythagorean philosophy and gathered for study and worship. For more information about the basilica click here.

Representatives of ITAD and the Spanish Embassy met and toured the Basilica as a case study to learn the modes of restoration and preservation of this 1st century building. Visitors are normally restricted from the environment – human breath can corrode the ancient walls – but the visit was made possible by ITAD and the efforts of Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli and Architect Valina Geropanta, who obtained special clearance for the event from the Soprintendenza dei Beni Culturali.

A special lunch was organized with the support of Chef Oliver Glowig, who holds 2 Michelin stars, inside his new restaurant La Tavola, il Vino e la Dispensa at the incredible venue of Mercato Centrale. Architect Alessandro Ridolfi, President of the Order of Architects of Rome P. P. C., was also in attendance.

The event was an awe-inspiring opportunity for all involved to discover Ancient Roman history, culture, and the art of preservation of ancient structures. Through events and connections such as these, ITAD aims to educate and inspire with knowledge of ancient culture in order to build bridges between cultures and to influence and shape modern projects. Many thanks to all involved for an extraordinary event!


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