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COURTYARD HOUSE – Prati District, Rome



  • COURTYARD HOUSE – Prati District, Rome

    A corner of paradise in the chaotic heart of Rome.

    Housed in an elegant building from the beginning of the century, the house is built around a quiet courtyard shape that preserves the building from the busy streets, despite being located right by St. Peter’s and Castel Sant Angelo in the heart of the capital.
    The architectural project was directed to the opening of the living environment, while intending to keep both the living room and kitchen as close together as possible in an open space. Along with better ventilation and views of light. The operation was driven by the need to solve the dwelling defect, which developed between the courtyard and a long corridor, the only distribution channel for all environments. The path was too long and dark being a place to go rather than a living space. The access to the kitchen was before the side, from the corridor, as for all other environments. Between the living room and kitchen, two closets united by a partition, in turn topped by a loft, closing the service environment between the walls and the storage space, making it more cramped than it actually was.
    While maintaining the two nuclei-storeroom in the shape of C, it was decided to demolish the partition between the two, below the mezzanine with access from the kitchen, then proceeding to a detailed design of the new wall-filter. The two white cabinet doors, narrow and almost invisible, frame the wide iron central access by the “industrial” character, in its tripartite sense of length and height.
    So today the perception of entering the main access of the house is that of a single large room. It consists of the living room which overlooks the kitchen, which was “open” but at the same time “closed” through wide folding doors. Specially designed by Arch. Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli, and built by a trusted craftsman blacksmith, it consists of 3 panels in thin iron frames and from 9 glazed panels, to be able to make the two environments autonomous without obstructing the view, thanks to a game of transparency and depth.
    These two main rooms have also been enhanced by a lighting project, in collaboration with Arch. Giorgio Latessa Pianeta Ufficio through which life was given to the focal point of the living area. Through the installation of design spotlights from a quadrangular shape with rounded corners, which give off light cones on the top in quartz, the eyes are drawn further towards the bottom wall, occupied by the kitchen panels. The kitchen project, implemented together with the company Frattali, spread along two sides of the room and is characterized by glass panels, with their white color blend the whiteness of the walls.
    The filter between the two environments, constituted by the iron door, was pointed out by a continuous light beam that runs in the ceiling along the length of the dividing wall and then continues along the windowed wall of the living room, to frame an area that will be mainly devoted to reading.
    You access a private part of the house, through a step that marks the division between the two and the access to the corridor. In this portion of the house, there were small but strategic changes made, like the care of the finish for bedrooms that had been painted in dark color tones and have now been restyled to guarantee a lot of light to the environments.
    The whiteness returned to the walls, along with the warm oak parquet, blending very well today with the constructive elements in solid structural bricks left purposely visible. In the hallway and in the bathroom, you can admire beautiful arches and vaulted ceilings, as well as portions of masonry, which reveal the backbone of the entire building and the date of which it was constructed. To further revitalize the private spaces and to give an identity to each of the two bedrooms, it was decided to enrich the master bedroom with fun yet elegant lighting by Foscarini and Artemide, while the bedroom has been refined by delicate white wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco and ornamental design, by associating it with a cream-colored paint.

    Photo by ©Paolo Mercogliano

  • USE: Residential
    SIZE: 150 sqm
    PLACE: Prati District, Rome
    YEAR: 2016
    MISSION:  Revitalization, Redistribution, Renovation


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