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WUNDER PENTHOUSE – Largo Arenula, Rome




    WUNDER PENTHOUSE – Largo Arenula, Rome

    This project is located in the heart of the city, near Largo di Torre Argentina, in a historic building that overlooks Piazza Arenula. It consists of three adjacent apartments which are located on the top floor of the building and characterized mainly by a large terrace. This terrace is spread along the front of the building and gives you access to panoramic views of the National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II. According to customer needs, this project was developed to merge the three apartments into one grand environment which effectively communicated with each other.

    The project draws inspiration from the Cabinet of Curiosities of the seventeenth century, which was developed from the client’s passion for collecting art objects – crafts of the Neapolitan school, as well as numerous renowned paintings and sculptures of various historical periods.
    We developed a single large central environment welcome the visitor, as well as to highlight the presence of the precious objects. This expansive environment extends to almost every corner of the house while maintaining the intimacy of the most private spaces. Multifunctional vertical displays were also designed to house the art collections with a paneling system primarily intended as a backdrop to the paintings. Displays for artifacts also included bookcases with cabinets, display cases and hidden rooms drawing from the idea of the classical Cabinet of Curiosities. This is the driving design concept of the project which further leads the viewer to explore the most private and hidden areas of the apartment.

    Entering into the residence, you are confronted with the first space which contains both paintings and antique furniture. This is followed on the left by second space in which low display cabinets have been installed for the display of handicrafts. The environment continues into a large living area, completely surrounded by sculptures and paintings that further expands itself into a partially covered winter garden which is screened in by a system of sliding panels to create a pleasant display of light and shadows. The panels are necessary, because of the exposure to the sun from the west, although it is precisely this exposure and placement of the winter garden which creates pleasant climatic conditions throughout the year. This part of the house, also contains the kitchen and bathrooms, carefully hidden by a specially treated wall with a flush port (not pictured), to mask the opening of access to the areas behind. Located on the opposite side of this area is the master bedroom and bathroom. The apartment also contains two guest bedroom and another bathroom. All of these rooms serve as a long, complex scenic promenade that runs through the entire space of the house.

    Given the importance of the customer, the goal of the project was to precisely create an environment in a representative manner that would befit from the spatial qualities of the context and at the same time modeled to the interests of the customer. In other words, an apartment made like to a “bespoke suit.”

  • USE: Residential
    SIZE: 450 sqm
    PLACE: Piazza Arenula, Rome
    YEAR: 2015
    MISSION: Cabinet of Curiosities: House/Museum

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