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AQUACULTURE – King’s Cross, London



  • AQUACULTURE – King’s Cross, London

    Is it possible to merge the extremely effective program with the fragility of human habitat? The conceptual process moves from crossing exploration between the industrial landscape and architecture, through a solid design program.
    First, we mapped several infrastructural projects from different places and times, to analyze and understand their deep (sometimes devastating) influence on human and natural habitats. In doing so, we found ways to connect them to the architecture and city to create a new urban script. Underground film sets, waste treatment and urban farms sites are some of the means used to address contemporary issues from an interdisciplinary architectural position.
    The first project phase was merged into two main hypotheses that have allowed us to explore alternative programs fusion of urban infrastructure. In order to investigate the interconnections between infrastructures of the past and present, we examined the city of Istanbul, which was the capital of several empires and today represents the superposition and fusion of eras and dissonant styles but which coexist harmoniously.
    The second phase, the actual project, led to the development of an “urban farm” in King Cross, London. Agriculture, we can say is the first form of industry. It always maintains a fundamental role as an essential activity and occupies more space than any other industry on the planet.
    Shaped like a sinuous pedestrian network which extends along the sides of the Regent’s Canal, its main structural element is water. Aquaculture is characterized by continuous waterfalls and terraces, which co-exist with the topography of central London. It’s a fish farm located in an innovative architectural body, consisting of a network of bridges, layered promenades, and connections accessible through the riverbanks, designed simultaneously to purify and treat the water canal. The farmed fish are processed and packaged on site for immediate consumption or for purchase. Visitors can experience the whole business process, through the Aqua Bridge, heading into Aqua Tunnel, watching the fish in the productive zone or savoring them in the sushi bar, or simply watching them through the water paths.
    The project was extremely successful. Aquaculture King’s Cross has been nominated for the RIBA PRESIDENT’S BRONZE MEDALS, one of the most prestigious international awards for architecture, assigned precisely by RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). The establishment of the oldest and most influential architecture in the world, which reaches an interest of the public and organizations from around the world.

    The publication is on http://www.presidentsmedals.com/Entry-21971.
    It has been exhibited in several international exhibitions, including the exhibition “Educating Architects, Reinventing Architecture” Gallery A4 Tokyo, JP, in 2008, http://contentof.com/appliedart/educating-architects-exhibition-japan/
    the exhibition “Tourism: Spaces of Fiction” in Barcelona’s new Design Museum in Barcelona, ES, in 2008, http://www.museudeldisseny.cat/en/exhibition/tourism-spaces-fiction-0È’m
    published in numerous international blog English and Russian, as well as in some books, of which we quote the following links:

    – Backyard Architecture BLDG Blog

    – Farming fish in central London
    – AAgrotecture 2: Aquaculture

    – AA Projects Book Review 2008/09
    – Tefallenangel Blog
    – Finansirane

  • USE: Water, Leisure + Industrial, Park
    SIZE: 3,000 sqm
    PLACE: King’s Cross, London
    YEAR: 2008
    MISSION: Breeding and Fish Market, Sushi Bar, Space of Recreation
    AWARDS: “Educational Architects, reinventing Architecture” Gallery A4 Tokyo Exhibition, “Tourism: Spaces of Fiction” – Barcelona’s new Design Museum Exhibition, Project nominated for RIBA PRESIDENT’S BRONZE MEDAL 2008

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