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  • The Womb Kindergarten, Via Labico – Rome & Via Novara – Milan

    The Ministry of Justice, looking for both housing and schooling for the police force and their children, called upon architect Benedetta Morelli. Two locations, in Rome and Milan, will house over seven hundred and nine individuals. NOS Design is excited to announce our creation of the schooling portion of this unique project.

    Benedetta Morelli utilized her unique design skills to create a school like nothing that has ever been seen before. Each aspect of the design was chosen specifically to create the best learning atmosphere for children, from the distribution of available space, to the materials used, to the integration from interior to exterior spaces.

    The building itself takes shape of a fetus, giving a feeling of being surrounded by the mother’s womb. Benedetta was able to create a school that metaphorically hugs the children and the entire community. On the exterior, trees wrap around the fetus, which is completely open to the square.

    Similar to the works of famous architect Mario Cucinella, the school features environmentally-friendly Timberwood. This substitute of wood for concrete allows for organic shaping. Internally, the school features kid-friendly alternatives such as fluid edges and child height ceilings. The large playground area features rubber flooring to create softness and safety for children.

    The sun, another pivotal design feature of the project, plays a huge role in the school. It enters the common area because it is south facing, which creates a passive system of energy. The classrooms, all facing north, avoid direct sunlight. This indirect light creates a better learning environment for classrooms. Large glass windows on each outward facing wall allow for natural lighting.

    NOS Design is extremely proud to have been able to create something special for the children of the so immensely deserving police force to enjoy. We can’t wait to share the final results!

  • USE: Academic, School
    SIZE: 680 m2
    PLACE: Rome
    YEAR: 2017
    MISSION: State-of-the art learning environment 

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