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Dutch + Italian Design House – Utrechtsedwarsstraat, Amsterdam

  • Dutch + Italian Design House – Utrechtsedwarsstraat, Amsterdam

    ​NOS has been selected to renovate an apartment in Amsterdam with the mission of blending Made in Italy creativity into a Dutch context.

    The apartment is located in the central “Centrum” district in a typical street of tall, narrow houses overlooking the Amstel, in a modern building built in the 70s. The building is in exposed concrete and has the exclusivity of having an elevator and large windows overlooking the picturesque canals, whilst all the surrounding ancient houses do not have these modern comforts.Thanks to its enviable position, the brief was to renew the apartment that originally was irregular, non-functional and made in obsolete materials, such as the glass-concrete walls and the circular shower in the entrance (!), into an elegant and modern apartment for a young Italian couple.

    With short times and a limited budget, NOS’ strategy was to conceive a new regular and functional internal distribution, creating a large open space with living room and open kitchen to add a master bathroom and improve internal circulation.
    Simple design operations in the layout made it possible to distort the internal space and to enlarge space by bringing natural light in the entrance.
    The finishes are modern and neutral, the choice of using a single floor in large oak planks produced by STOXX has enlarged the space by giving a single flow throughout the entire apartment.

    The bathrooms are tiled with “zellige” mosaic inserts handmade in Morocco and supplied by Mosaic der Sur. The brilliance and geometric irregularity of the vitreous material gives a handicraft-textured effect and it contrasts with the modern finishes of the sanitary ware by Ink and the satin black taps by Crosswater, typical elements of Dutch Industrial Design. A perfect blend of warmth created by the materiality of the “handmade” in a modern and functional context.

    The different heights in the false ceilings have allowed the definition of the open space and the surrounding spaces, creating games of lights with different types of spotlights. The suffused light points throughout the apartment convey a warm and inviting feeling with a minimal spending budget.

    While the main colors are neutral, each room includes furnishings or compositions of bright and staggered paintings to define the space and create design contrasts.

    The linear kitchen, which is more a piece of design furniture than a kitchen, is designed by NOS and produced by STOXX, a Dutch company specialized in kitchens with Italian design. The top and back splash is in Dekton with a Calacatta marble finish. Being an open kitchen, the Nuvola hood has been hidden in the false ceiling and the sink is a steel undertop. A small wine cellar has also been included and all modern appliances are hidden within the satin black lacquered furniture. Black colour has been selected to give more emphasis to the design kitchen cabinet, perfectly blend with the Dutch taste and the warmth of the wodden oak floor.

    The finishes touches to the apartment came in the form of both Italian and Dutch furnishings, such as the legendary bed “Nathalie” designed by Vico Magistretti (1978) retailed by Flou bed or Goossenswonen bookcases. These modern furniture highlight the combination of materials and colors, highlighting Dutch Design with its modern and subtle lines.

    The success of interior design is due to the intention of NOS to maintain the feeling of the Italian home, to feel “at home away from home” in the heart of the City of Amsterdam.​

  • USE: Residential
    SIZE: 75 sqm
    PLACE: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    YEAR: 2019-20
    MISSION: Dutch + Italian Design blend 

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