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L(INEAR)-HOUSE – Via Ginori, Rome

  • L(INEAR)-HOUSE – Via Ginori, Rome

    It is amazing how small and defined interventions can change a space.
    A fascinating complex of the early twentieth century, located in the Testaccio area, is the frame of the L-House: an athmosphere of a time gone by and a labyrinth of junctions of spaces attract the observer inward.
    The property is on the third floor of one of the buildings that make up the complex: entrance to the fully open space. Stone staircase and cast iron handrail, both original, allow access.
    On one side of the apartment, a narrow and very high passage was used to access the space: a first room on the left, the children’s room, narrow and light, was followed by a second room that housed the kitchen. Quite comfortable for a stable in the eatly 20th century; the bathroom was located in front of the entrance, while the third room was opening to the right of the hallway accommodated the dining-lounge area (too small for both functions).
    Given the awkwardly-used spaces, the primary goal was to streamline the spaces overloaded with different functions.
    Consistent with the logic of the study, a few distinctive features were adopted that allowed a re-reading of the space: the removal of the old children’s room, the opening of a large entrance to the living area, the choice of finishes and furnishings to enhance the horizontal development of environments and past and present mix.
    Although the kitchen’s position remained unchanged, the choice of directing the fires to the entrance created a new spatiality: the area devoted to convivialty is then frames by a breakfast plan that almost seems to be one with the floor, and exalted by a hood that, like the light suspensions that stand next to it, comes down suspended from the ceiling.
    The gray color on the wall further characterizes this environment, while the choice of pre-white color furniture with ‘exceptional’ color spots (pistachio, wenge, red) lightens the space, giving it an unexpected dynamic at the same time. The use of day-to-day furniture that are ‘stretched’ the space amplifies.
    The access to the living space is underlined by a large compartment, framed by a steel beem. The beam is painted in dark grey and resemble in the color of the doors. A sofa and an elegant braided armchair, that resemble the colors of the kitchen area, are arranged on the left side of the living room. A white table and s suspended bed feature the right side.
    The mezzanine is crafted, emphasizing the dining area, making it warm and cozy, almost trimming a further environment inside the living area. A small wooden staircase leads tot he sleeping area. Again, there are horizontal surfaces such as shelves and awnings that form a space along the wall.
    The realization of a large living area has allowed to eliminate the disengaging effect the old living room had with the bedroom that opened to it.
    The choice of the rugged floor has been made with the intention of recalling the materiality of the stone and the other original materials of the building: the same wood was then used for the construction of some wall units, the breakfast plan and the filter library between the kitchen area and the living area. Particular attention has been given to accessories, the position of lighting fixtures, paintings and thermodecorators.
    The result of the intervention is a rich but light space, a cozy space, a thrilling and warm space for those who are enjoying it, a space where present and past are always together looking into the future.

    Photo by ©Emanuele Bianco

  • USE: Apartment
    SIZE: 60 m2
    PLACE: Via Ginori, Rome
    YEAR: 2016
    MISSION: Re-vitalization, Re-distribution, Color

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