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    THE EMBASSY OF THIRD NATURE – Battersea, London


    The Embassy of Third Nature is the proposal to merge together, separate climates and cultures from around the world, generating a multi-climatic environment of social interaction.

    Humanity is dependent on the natural world, but rapid urbanization is causing man and nature to become progressively more and more distant. The Embassy of Third Nature attempts to reconnect lost heart of the metropolis.

    Ethnic and social demographics differ in every contemporary metropolis, which gain their own unique identities from its culture.

    The climate is an integral part in the definition of this culture, and with it the farmed species, the kitchen and food consumption.

    The Embassy of Third Nature simulates a wide range of climates through the manipulation of the surface and ground, in an attempt to bring together the same urban space with the different regional climates, each equipped with its own “diplomatic body’”

    The project allows foreign residents born abroad, which is happening in increasing numbers, to have a warm welcoming experience while simultaneously acting as an educational experiment for those who were born and raised in that metropolis.

    By recreating different climate zones in the same public space, while favoring a reorganization of both social and agronomic spaces, The Embassy of Third Nature becomes a landmark and congregation space which defines a new hybrid reality, that arises between the current standard types of gardens, winter gardens, farmers markets and gastronomic societies.

    The “The Embassy of Third Nature” model combines urban ambitions, both territorial and social, which can be replicated around the world.

    The project has received several awards:

    Exposed in the study by Foster and Partners, he has been nominated for the prize AA Foster + Partners Sustainability Award, http://www.fosterandpartners.com/news/archive/2012/07/the-architectural-association-foster-partners- prize-2012 / .

    Posted in projects review of the Architectural Association in London .

    Selected by Royal Kew Gardens and Chicago Press to be published and become a technical manual on bioclimatic greenhouses and how to modulate the interior climates in morphology and passive, without the support of any system.  

  • USE: Bioclimatic Greenhouse
    SIZE:  5000 sqm
    PLACE: Battersea, London
    YEAR: 2010
    MISSION: Sustainability, Greenhouse multi-climate, International Cuisine, New public space
    AWARDS: AA Foster + Partners Prize Exhibition 2010; Royal Kew Gardens Press, Technical Studies High Pass AA High School



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