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ARCHILUXURY – Via Archimede, Rome

  • ARCHILUXURY – Via Archimede, Roma

    This project is located North of the heart of Rome, in Municipio II. Within walking distance from the beautiful Villa Glori and Auditorium Parco della Musica, this is a great location for the renovation. Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli used her design skills to restyle the beautiful interior of this apartment, making it more contemporary.
    The theme of the apartment is elegance, which can be found in all aspects of the design, such as the luxury materials and LED lighting. In the bedroom, the dark grey accent wall creates depth for the space, creating a larger looking room. A new false-ceiling was created in plasterboard to enlarge the perception of the space and perceived height of the windows. The raised ceilings now house large, dark linen curtains which accentuate the accent wall. The bed frame is made of soft, faux-leather material. Next to the bed are two storage spaces that perfectly match the Specchiatura walls, which hide the radiators.
    Appearing almost as a second room, a transparent sliding door leads to an enormous walk-in closet, which is over 20 square meters. The wardrobe has enough storage to fit up to two people’s belongings. This unique closet system maximizes closet space while not cutting into bedroom space. The dark outline incorporates itself into the dark and elegant theme of the rest of the space.
    The bathroom is made entirely of Calacatta Golden Vein marble, from floor to ceiling. This creates continuity, which is a key aspect of this design. The bold, widely spaced pattern of the marble convinces viewers that the walls are much larger than they are. Glass shower doors, versus traditional shower curtains, visually expand this room. Morelli designed both the custom made mirror and sink, both of which accent the Calacatta marble. The black marble used in the sink is a Nero Portoro, high quality and luxurious. The metal fixtures, of the Gessi line, resemble rainfall and a waterfall in the shower.

    Photo by ©Benedetta Belleggi

  • USE: Residential
    PLACE: Rome, Italy
    SIZE:  250 MQ
    YEAR: 2018
    MISSION: Luxury Interior

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