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RESIDENZA PRIVATA – Collina Fleming, Roma

  • RESIDENZA PRIVATA – Collina Fleming, Roma

    Beauty and design should not be sacrificed at the expense of functionality. In this project, Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli designed a unique apartment for a family to reside in. In order to accommodate all family members, including a wheelchair user, she included multiple elements of design that make the living space more comfortable, functional, and accessible.
    The apartment floors were redone completely in two different styles. The living spaces and hallways feature one large Carrara Zebrino marble, with a uniquely beautiful spiralized-zebra pattern. The kitchen spaces feature many bright colorful tiles from Vietri with a symmetric floral pattern. A bright green backdrop was incorporated into the kitchen to match the tile floors. Additionally, the kitchen features low height counters which can easily be accessed by wheelchair.
    In the living space, Morelli designed a new curvilinear wall that enlarged the adjacent office space without changing the perceived symmetry of the entrance hallway. The wall now has a round exterior, creating a fluid feel of the room. In addition, a new false-ceiling was created in plasterboard to enlarge the perception of the space and perceived height of the windows. The raised ceilings now house large linen curtains, which match the natural theme. Incorporating pieces of her own artwork adds an authentic and family oriented feel to the room.
    Arguably the most beautiful features of the apartment are the three balconies. The main balcony hugs the exterior of the living area and introduces light to the room. With a fantastic view overlooking Rome, the residents can enjoy the beautiful city. Accessible by button, the roof of the balcony has many settings that adjust to sun, wind, and other external factors.

    Fotografie di ©Paolo Mercogliano

  • USE: Residenziale
    SIZE: 200 m2
    PLACE: Collina Fleming, Roma
    YEAR: 2014
    MISSION: Ri-vitalizzazione, Ri-distibuzione

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